Friday, 4 July 2014

Off to Llandudno

Well its bag packed and up to Llandudno tomorrow for the conference. Going to Conference is still a bit of a new experience for me- I went to a couple 4/5 years ago but had a sabbatical in between. I broke my duck last year and it was a real eye-opener. The conferences a few years ago were characterised with hope- hope that we could make a recovery and win the next election. Last year's conference was chararcterised by a sense of expectation. We all sensed the the mood of the public was changing and we were relevant again.

This year, the battle goes on. There are some real highlights this year, not least DC coming to give his address. I've only seen DC give a speech once live- yes last year's conference and it was an excellent speech. I'm sure the standard will be maintained this year.

Once again, I've been lucky enough to have been invited to speak on culture. I'll publish my speech early next week. I'll just give you a few snippets now!
  • There is so much more that the Assembly Gov't can do to promote cultural tourism.
  • We need clarification on how much lottery funding Wales stands to lose from the Olympics.
  • The opportunities to promote tourism on places such as Anglesey by tapping into the cruise industry.